Life Science Journals FAQ 

How to submit my manuscript for publishing?

Please mail us your manuscript at for publishing in International Journal.

How can I know that my manuscript decision? Is there any acknowledgement for confirmation of Manuscript submission?

Letter is mailed after successful submission of your manuscript and second letter is mailed by editor about decision.

How many days are required for publishing article in life science journals?

It will take 3 days to 10 days for first decision. Once article is accepted, it will be published within 2 days in open life sciences journal.

Is case study is published in life sciences journal?

Yes, case studies are published in Journals, Manuscript includes original research paper, reviews of all types, opinions, newsletter, and letter to editor are also published.

Is live tracking of manuscript publishing process is possible?

Yes, live tracking of manuscript publishing process is possible. It shows status from submission of manuscript to review process and then final decision.

What are the benefits of article publishing?

Few benefits are writing skills are improved, your academic profile is improved, and priority is given in university in any research activity for published authors.

Can I submit paper in Life sciences other than cellular and molecular topic?

Yes, you can submit any research paper related to life sciences scope. There is no limitation on topic of research.

Is there is free editorial services provided by Life Science journal?

Yes, our publishing house provides free editorial services to authors because some authors native language in not English.

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