Easy way to publish manuscript in Life Science Journals (Author Guidelines)

1. All research scholars are advised to do complete research work first before writing research paper. When author starts writing their research make sure to interpret your research work in logical manner and it should be easy to understand by non-specific area of reader. Content of the manuscript should be interesting and it will not show mere observation. Manuscript should not follow the hidden chemical composition; all chemical composition should be clearly written so that anyone can perform pre-clinical trial.

2. After completing manuscript writing, it is advisable to read manuscript again and again. This revision will help in making manuscript flawless before submission to international journal. Now read the scope of journals of life science journals so that best journal is selected for publishing scholarly article. Author may take help of college, professor, academician for correct journal selection, author even directly writes to executive editor for clarification.

3. After selecting correct life science journal, author need to submit manuscript for publishing in concerned academic journal for life science publication. All needs to provide use one email id for correspondence. Most important part is that author needs to submit his/her article to only one journal, make sure not to submit article to two or more journals to avoid copyright issue and later embarrassing situation caused by this act.

4. For publishing life science research paper rapidly in peer reviewed international journal, author must agree and apply guidelines during submission process for fast track journal publishing. Manuscript template guidelines should be strictly followed in writing title of paper, author affiliation with name, abstract, introduction of manuscript, main body of article, conclusion and references must be included in manuscript. Proper care should be taken while writing references in manuscript.

5. All authors are advice to send cover letter while submitting manuscript in International Life science Journals, Cover letter will tell visions, goal, idea and reflections of research work written in the manuscript which increase chances of acceptance for publishing manuscript in Journal. Review process will start once article is submitted. After review process is completed, decision on manuscript comes which show acceptance, rejection or acceptance with modification. Author can proceed according to decision for publishing in International Life science journal.

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